Once Upon a Book was a wonderful idea developed by one of our very first team members, Shannon.  Shannon has since left our team, as she no longer has tots, but her feature lives on!  Thanks Shannon for sharing your great idea with Totally Tots and allowing us to continue on with it, we were blessed by many wonderful months of your ideas. You can see archives of Shannon's posts from 2009 here.

We now have a team of ladies who share the responsibility of this feature.  At the bottom of each blog post, you will see the written by, signature button letting you know who shared the ideas! 

Here on the website you will find all of the themes in one place, with links to the specific blog posts!  Your one stop shop for fun books for tots!  Enjoy!
  • January ~ Bears/Hibernation

  • February ~ Transportation

  • March ~ Outer Space

  • April ~ Birds

  • May ~ Kinghts & Princesses

  • June ~ Pond Life

  • July ~ Sports

  • August ~ All About Me

  • September ~ Pets

  • October ~ Fall Fun

  • November ~ Circus

  • December ~ CHRISTmas

  • November ~ Early Concepts

  • December ~ CHRISTmas