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May 2009...The Church
The Body of Christ, 5/4/09
The First Church, 5/11/09
Church Buildings, 5/18/09
Your Local Church, 5/25/09

April 2009...The Resurrection and The Life!
Jesus' Resurrection, 4/6/09
Jesus Ascends Into Heaven, 4/13/09
Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit, 4/20/09
Jesus is Coming Again!, 4/27/09

March 2009...I AM
Download: I Am poster images
I Am the Bread of Life, 3/3/09
I Am the Light of the World, 3/9/09
I Am the Good Shepherd, 3/16/09
I Am the Door, 3/23/09
I Am the Vine, 3/30/09

February 2009...LOVE
Download: LOVE poster images
Week 1, 2/2/09
Week 2, 2/8/09
Week 3, 2/15/09
Week 4, 2/22/09

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